Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thrifting about town

As you can see, I really scored at the St Vincent de Paul thrift store and the used book store. Don't you just love the paper lanterns (50 cents) and the awesome patterns (10 cents each). Can you believe the Vogue Edith Head one and the Advance oriental dress one? Love, love, love.

The books are a wild combination: the Dixie-land book is from 1932 and is set in 1850 Kentucky and Abraham Lincoln is a character. The Lost Horizon book is from 1939. I just had to have the Yugoslavia book and the short stories by Beryl Markham (I loved West with the Night and never knew she wrote short stories). The FunFare book is from 1949 and has lots of humorous stories and cartoons, and the Book of Wishes and Wishmaking will go into my collection of children's books from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. I also picked up an old children's book to destroy - I mean alter - for Wilna's class.

This pile is some art books and newer paperbacks (50 cents each) - Blood and Chocolate (the movie version I just saw on Showtime) and I've been wanting to read Melissa de la Cruz. I got 2 books on watercolor and a book on collage, and the Harry Potter is a UK version. More love!

"And now for something complerely different." Is this not a cool building? It is the back of a restaurant called The Patio here in Vero. If you could see the side of the restaurant, you would understand the name as the whole street side is an outdoor eating area. I have never eaten there and it was closed for quite a while this year, but now it is open under new management. I love the wood and all the metal accents, and, of course, the red doors. I'm trying to think how to use this photo in a layout.
Tomorrow I am going with a friend down to Jensen Beach to the Barnes & Noble, Michael's, and a quilt shop. I'm looking forward to B&N; I have a giftcard and a coupon.

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The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Wow, you really scored! I'm a huge fan of Edith Head, how cool to find that pattern!