Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Florida Watercolor Society online show

I began to paint with watercolors in January 2009 when I took a beginner class at the Vero Beach Art Museum.  I have always done crafts, especially quilting and scrapbooking/altered art, and played a bit with a cheap watercolor set.  While and after I took the class, I read books on theory and technique, purchased supplies, and then began to paint a lot.  Some happy accidents kept me going while some depressing periods slowed me down but I always came back for more.  I took workshops with Janet Rogers, Alvaro Castagnet, Pat Weaver, and Stephie Butler. I took a few more classes at the art museum and began to attend life drawing sessions. I joined the Florida Watercolor Society and marveled at the brilliant paintings exhibited by the members. AND I wrote down goals for myself - paint every day, work on technical skills, learn composition, and the BIG ONE, get a painting accepted into the FWS exhibition.  I am thrilled to say that the above painting, "the honey giver", was accepted into the  This is strictly an online show but being accepted (76 out of  196 entered) makes me so very happy and inspires me to keep painting and improving.  Be sure to check out the show - as always, the paintings are brilliant!
And now back to the easel to paint - my next goal is to get accepted into the FWS Annual Exhibition.