Sunday, February 15, 2009


Over on the Work your Soul blog, Kara came up with an awesome word: flocculence

which means soft/light/fluffy/milky/opaque/comforting/pale/sleepy/delicate

so I thought of this shawl that I knitted the winter after the hurricanes - the winter when we lived in a tiny trailer barely more than a camper parked beside our house while it was being gutted and redone. I knitted a lot that winter as it was impossible to do anything that took up much space and the trailer was so cold. After dinner in the evenings, I would curl up on the bed and knit - this fabulous shawl was from a Suss pattern (originally from a scarf kit that came with various soft blue yarns) that I altered. I made it quite a bit larger and used creamy, soft, fluffy, and textured yarns for it. Even now it feels so cuddly to pull around my shoulders. this morning I laid it across 2 pillows and photographed it from all angles - suddenly it became this incredible landscape: mountains, valleys, tall grasses. thanks Kara for the inspiration!
I made the heart pin from vintage buttons and it just seems to compliment the shawl.

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