Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Art Journaling 102

I am so loving my Art Journaling 102 class with Dina Wakely. I really should have taken 101 but unfortunately we have only so much money for frivolous pursuits. Anyway, today our lesson was on motifs - picking a motif and using it in many different ways - we were to use paints (acrylic and all I have are cheap mm and Michaels so they are way too thin) and spray inks (all I have is glimmer mist and it doesn't work very well with gesso as you can see in the middle photo; the top photo is glimmer mist sans gesso and it worked so much better!) This is great fun and I have to admit I am tired after painting and stamping most of the day. I am full of ideas right now but I think I need some energy - a pot of tea is steeping as I write.
Yesterday I got several great books at the used book store including a 1920 copy of the Blue Book to London - you should see the incredible maps and floorplans - oh such love! I was devouring the floorplans of the British Museum - how many books have I read where the characters go there. I also went to the library and on display were 2 young adult books that I checked out - the Tree Shepherd's Daughter and Into the Wildewood. I've already read the first one - a fun easy fantasy set in a permanent Renaissance festival site. What's really weird is that I recognized the site as one that we used to go to in Colorado; however, the author relocated it to Fort Collins and that bothered me a little as FC is not exactly in the foothills. Oh well, I just pictured it as I knew it (actually the site is Larkspur, between Denver and Colorado Springs) and it brought back memories of Brian who always insisted on wearing a brown hooded cape (he was a thief in D&D gaming) and who always had to eat one of the huge turkey drumsticks. Such fun!


Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Your art journaling pages are looking awesome!!! All three are so beautiful in their own unique ways!

Bee Rozatti said...

Thanks for stopping by the good ole' blog. . .but your work hardly seems virginal (somethng I thought of as I awkwardly began myself).
It's a smooth transition for you however because your work is. . .breathtaking. OH! You live in Florida where seashells call me year after year. . .see you in class!

Marianne Hope said...

Your art is beautiful!!!!! Thank you for dropping by my blog:) It's fun isn't it?

Sooz said...

Oh I love your pages! I have a few bottles of the TATTERED ANGELS Glimmer Mists, too...and was so disappointed in the way they looked over my metalic paints and the gesso'd pages...going to let them dry then try on "bare paper" and I think I will like it much better! gotta get some more done and POSTED! thanks for sharing!