Tuesday, February 3, 2009

he{art} class

I did two versions of Wilna's project for day 1 of the he{art} class (to which I won the admission). The first which I will show maybe tomorrow is the classic Christmas red Starbucks cup with valentiny inserts. This one is the second and is entitled Feast of Love (I had a book marker with the movie title and blurbs which I used). I used a white Starbucks cup and the inserts are favorite sweets recipes including Coeur a la creme. I printed the recipes on one side of the cards and put photos on the other side along with embellishments, especially the Valentine tickets that you can get for free on the new House of Three website. I am so loving all the great resources that are out there on the web for free - I am totally into the Not Buying It mode and am using lots of recycled items (like Starbucks cups and cupholders) and freebies in my layouts.
I am off to check out my favorite blogs and finish my he{art} project for today.

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