Saturday, February 7, 2009

SIS weekend scrapping

I did this layout today for the SIS free shopping challenge - basically someone lists 10 items and then you pick 3 and add 3 different items to the list for the next person to select. then you make a layout using those items - my items were to make a paper house (the grass hut), no real photos (this pic came from an old magazine, I copied it and then wiped part of it away with a baby wipe and then added some painting), and 3 patterned papers (I used 6 pp). We have some great memories in Grenada - this little shack was on a little sandbar that you had to use a dinghy to get to and every Sunday afternoon we would go there and drink Carib beer and eat chicken, mac & cheese, and rice & beans (cheap enough for cruisers). So much fun, but now it's gone - they tore it down and built an exclusive resort.

I have also been catching up on the projects from Wilna's he{art} class and will show some pics tomorrow. I was determined not to spend any money so my projects are a bit different, and that's a good thing!

I did go shopping today - the Joann's in the next town south of us (we have no fabric stores at all) is closing so everything is on sale. I bought some paints, brushes, papers, charms, and silicone spatulas (strange to find them at Joann's?!). I then went to their Big Lots and found some cool foof a la and making memories scrapping stuff and some Starbuck's truffles. Yeah!

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