Sunday, September 12, 2010

Some spooky sneaks

Lots of activity in the studio
I have also been painting, sewing, and knitting - a busy and happy month!

A little update on the budget:
Groceries this week $61 (fresh veggies and fruit, orange juice, bread, French rolls, pork chops, chuck roast, potatoes, onions, carrots, tea, cream cheese (I plan to bake carrot cupcakes & frost with cream cheese frosting), spaghetti sauce, tomato soup, 2 waters, eggs
Liquor store $68(8 bottles of wine)
New battery for Dan's car $98 (this was not totally a surprise as he was starting to have some trouble with starting the car)
Motor for my back passenger window $49 (totally a surprise - the window just started to drop and would not go up - Dan pulled it to the top and we taped it - this expense is just for the motor - it will get installed next week)
Refill my go phone $27
We will have to see how the rest of the month plays out
Sometime this next week I will receive my DT voucher from Scrapgal and I am trying to figure out what to purchase with it so I don't have to spend any extra - with all the new lines, etc., this will be difficult!
I was able to get Mockingjay (the conclusion of the Hunger Games trilogy) yesterday!
I finished Mockingjay this morning and it is excellent - if you haven't read the Hunger Games trilogy, I highly recommend it!

Just a note that we will be having a Scrapgal bloghop on Wed, Sept 15, and then a Crop on the 17th and 18th - lots of fun challenges and prizes!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

we don't celebrate "halloween" in Holland but I love looking at all the things showing on blogs lately, your sneaks look so happy with the orange pieces and spider...! (Yes, a spider CAN make me happy! Not always though...)

Jeanet said...

I just LOVE your sneaks Chris!I spot a vintage Halloween image, love it!
Good work on the budget month! I so need to do that too.
I hope you can control yourself with Scrapgal ;)
I have to look up that Trilogy!
Have a wonderful week ahead Chris!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I just loveeeeeeeeeeee the sneaks!! I want to read those books!!! They sound GOOD!!!! And bummer about the car expenses!! We had the hatch handle on our SUV die a couple of weeks ago...nooooooooooooo FUN! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

deana said...

Bummer about the cars but at least they weren't major problems though. Could've been a LOT worse!

LOVING the sneaks! :-)

PS... the carrot cupcakes sound yummy!

Jana said...

It seems to me that there is something marvelous.....I love that sneaks!!!

EverydayMe said...

the sneaks are great!! {{hugs}} Michelle