Friday, October 30, 2009

What's your favorite trip/vacation??????

The new challenge is up at so come on over and check out who won the Seasons challenge and the great layouts done by the DT for the new challenge, which is What's your favorite trip or vacation?
I did the above layout about our first sailboat trip to the Bahamas back in early August - I did layouts for all the challenges up to this one back then as I was concerned that if we had a hurricane, I would not be able to get them done. So when I went back this past week to photograph this one, I wasn't thrilled with it so I did another layout
of a trip to San Francisco when Brian was a child. I used a sketch idea from the latest Bad Girls project and I actually sewed the fabric squares on like a quilt. However, this layout didn't excite me either but now it was crunch time so I sent in the Bahamas one.
Do you even feel like that about your layouts - that something is missing or there is something too much or somehow it's missing the point or.......... lately I seem to be going through a stage where either something works right away or it just won't seem to come together. I have 3 layouts piled on my side table in varying stages of completion but I just can't seem to finish any of them. Somehow I think my style is evolving and I am in the middle of the transition not sure which direction to take. The same seems to be true of my painting - I have been learning so much in my watercolor class, a totally different way to paint than I have been doing, and I am trying to distil and translate what I want to do in my work.

This layout I did for the 2 challenge for The Paper Cut - how you feel about the Twilight books or if you are not a Twiler, then something about you. I suppose you could take this layout either way. The photo is one that Marit did some arty stuff to back in the early summer (thanks Marit) and I printed it on a colored paper so it looks sort of vintage - I wanted it to blend with the cool background paper (this is paper from an old Somerset magazine - I love how they always have papers in the magazine - unfortunately they are so expensive that usually I just look at them at Booksamillion and drool. I scored a few older copies at the thrift store. Yay!!!!)
Hope you have a great weekend - wish I could be in Phoenix with Julie, Deana, and Sarah - what fun!!!!!!! I have to work today and tomorrow but I plan to do some painting also, a little reading, and start a new knitting project - I pulled out my 2 plastic boxes of yarn and my old pattern books - I think the rhythmic and meditative feel of knitting will be good for my creative psyche.
Thanks for reading and ttfn


Amy Muffoletto said...

Well Chris.....Should we fly in and surprise them....Hehehehe! That would be so cool. LOL.

I love all the textures in both your layouts for TAAFOMFT. I love the one you submitted though. I am so happy the hurricanes are staying away!!! The other challenge layout is very unique. I love the photo. You always amaze me in your beautiful creating! Hugs.

deana said...

I ♥ BOTH LO's SO MUCH! Great journaling, great design & cute photos! I'm thinking that outfit on the 2nd LO is SOOO 80's. Those pants are reminding me of MC Hammer. I think I had some like that... LOL! Oh... I ♥ fashion... :-)

Have a great weekend, Chris! Really wish you could join us, too! And yes, I agree with Amy... fly in & surprise us! :-)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

i wish amy's wish could come true!!!!! would loveeeeeeeeeeeeee to see u both there this weekend!!!!and loving loving loving all of those lo's!!!! absolutely gorgeous! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Jeanet said...

I just love your LO's Chris!I just love all the texture on Julie said you are absolutely the queen of using outside the box materials..looks so gorgeous!Love it!
Wish we all could meet up some time..maybe we will!!!Have a wonderful weekend!!

mandysea said...

Gosh these are all just stunning pieces of work!! I especially love the last one!! WOW!

Hanneke said...

Those LO's are truly amazing!! but I know what you mean, I have that A LOT!!!! Love the one for paper cut as well, amazing photo!!!

Marit said...

Sounds like you're in the middle of a changing process alright... you'll come out of it brand new Chris! I'm sure you'll keep what is "yours" and add some new feelings and techniques and ways to it... can't wait to see what happens but yep - you have to go through this fase first. I've been there too (and sure will find myself there again somewhere in the future!) The lo with your edited photo is marvelous! Love how you printed it on coloured paper and the way it blends in the background paper (which is marvelous, by the way! Wish I could buy Somerset magazines in Holland!) Have a great week!