Thursday, January 15, 2009

You know its winter in Florida when . . .

yummy potato soup

my aprons - time to make a new one

love the light from this lamp in the kitchen - so warm and cozy, and cheaper than a fixture.

You know its winter in Florida when at 2 o'clock in the afternoon it is 57 degrees.
Okay okay. I know that most of you don't have any sympathy for us thin blooded Floridians but honestly our houses are not built for cold temps. I am sitting here at the computer dressed in a long sleeved knit top, a sweater, jeans, socks, and my cuddly slippers and drinking a cuppa Tazo Joy tea. I had vegetable soup for lunch and I will be making green chile for dinner - I have a superb recipe that I got from a co-worker when I lived in Denver. I took the above photos last night when I was making potato soup for dinner and then put together a layout with the photo of my cute socks.
I joined the year of color blog and since the colors for January are blue and white, I have been looking around my house for blue and white; I dug through my old issues of Victoria for some eye candy which I will share tomorrow; and I'm thinking through a blue and white layout. I was doodling in my journal and listing out names of songs with Blue in them and other Blue things like china and embroidery and clothes (I'm remembering when we went to Bermuda and my entire wardrobe was blue and white - mostly items from Laura Ashley. I need to pull out my Bermuda album and get some of those photos. Hmmmmmmmmm


Rachel said...

I love those aprons! They're adorable!

Sweet Marie said...

Haha ! love the socks !!! The LO is stunning !

And I just wanna say I'm totally in love with your LO for the guest DT spot at SATU. So glad you got to play with us. Looking foward to see your interpretation of the new challenges.


Rachel said...

I am in FLorida too and feel your PAIN! It was 40 this morning in Tampa- YIKES!!!!!!!