Friday, January 9, 2009

Making the most of Monday - on Friday

Today = Friday but through Rhonna Farrar's blog I discovered and her making the most of Monday. I am like the author in that I am almost always supercharged on Monday (I may be dragging on Friday afternoon but Monday morning is the time for energetic list making) so I subscribe to the idea that Monday is a new beginning. So, starting Monday I will be making lists and checking them twice.
On other fronts, I have continued to cut out my yellow and green quilt and to listen to 1776 on CD. I should be finished with the book tomorrow but I have to admit this quilt is taking a long time to design and cut out. It will have 25 blocks and I only have 10 cut out. Of course this morning I had to go to the bank, to Booksamillion (unfortunately that's the only big book store we have) to look at the craft magazines, to Walmart, to the Humane society thrift (scored some paper dolls) and to Big Lots (scored some Autumn Leaves embellishments). That took several hours and then at lunch I started reading the Agatha Christie novel Nemesis and got a little carried away (I got interested in reading it when I read on the BBC website that it is the current Miss Marple being shown in the UK). Anyway tomorrow hopefully I can finish listening to 1776 and get quite a few more blocks cut out.
The photos are of a really cool folding metal (dessert) holder that I purchased at a garage sale.

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