Friday, January 23, 2009

New layouts

about my love for knitting

My DH and his twin - I think the facial expression is so funny - like "nobody said there'd be kissing involved!" These are the 2 layouts I finished yesterday but the knitting one looks very little like what it looked like last night - this morning I decided the layout was awful so I ripped it apart and completely redid it.
I saw the first challenge listed for the Twilight blog - I am really thinking about it - colors, simplicity, theme. I won't have much time for scrapping this weekend as I have to go to the Big O (Orlando) on Sunday but I might work on the idea this afternoon after I finish my house cleaning. It was very cold again last night (30) but it is supposed to warm up some today and continue through tomorrow - three nights of 30's is miserable down here - we had 2 quilts and an afghan on our bed. I did take the plants back out on to the lanai this morning.
I also need to do my 52Q (from Emily Falconbridge's blog) card for this week - do you believe in fairies? I pulled out my vintage Fairies books by Cecily M Barker and am trying to think through which image to use and exactly how to use it. Decisions! decisions!

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