Monday, January 19, 2009

Blue blue and more blue

I'm feeling somewhat better today but isn't it awful how colds just really wear you out? I had my first painting class this morning and somehow I didn't feel too bad - probably I was so intent on the teacher and then my painting that I sort of forgot I was sick - but this afternoon I feel tired and not particularly very creative.
Don't you just love these images from some old Victoria magazines? Usually I think of blue and white (Year of color blog colors for January) as summer colors - cool water, striped sundresses, espadrilles, and vanilla ice cream, and that's what almost all of the Victorias that have blue and white in them are - usually June. I think blue and white looks cool and clean, and of course we associate white dresses with warm weather. I remember when Dan and I went to Bermuda in the 1990s, I could only take one suitcase and part of it had to hold some clothes for Dan as he had raced over on a sailboat. So I took all matching blue and white things, many of which were Laura Ashley. I had white pants, white shorts, navy and white striped teeshirt, white cotton blouse with a Battenburg lace collar, a half circle skirt of navy with big pink roses on it, a white with blue print strapless dress, a pink teeshirt, white lace scarf that could be tied into a shrug, blue and white tote, navy blue hairbow and probably a few more things. But it was so easy to get dressed because everything matched.
Be sure to click on the above photo and read the poem.
Well, off to make some tea and read some blogs. Have a great day!

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