Sunday, January 18, 2009

I caught a code

Some closeups of things in my studio (photos taken last fall as exercises for a photography class).
Do you think that you can catch a cold through the internet? Several people whose blogs I read have had colds, especially Alicia from, and suddenly yesterday afternoon about 5:30 I was slammed with a head cold. Fortunately I slept well last night but I feel very lethargic today and my nose just keeps running. Despite that "inconvenience", I was determined to get some things done and I did - 2 loads of laundry washed and 2 loaves of bread made.

We are having chili for dinner tonight as we watch the football games so I'll put that together in a bit and let it simmer. I have a great recipe for red chili that we got from a crazy hippie bar in Telluride, CO. Anyway, right now I am going into the kitchen and slice a crust from the still warm bread , lay a piece of dark chocolate on it, and fold it up. Sort of like the pan chocolat that we used to buy in Martinique, Guadaloupe and the Saintes. Maybe I should scrap that - I haven't really done very many layouts of our travels, only carnival in Trinidad, the Bahamas, and Puerto Rico. Doing some layouts of the Islands would definitely bring back some wonderful memories and make me feel a little warmer. LOL


Crystal said...

awesome pictures! Im sorry you are getting sick. I hope you feel better quickly. I love that bread OMG it looks so good!!!

julie said...

so sorry you are not feeling well!
your bread looks yummy, your dinner sounds delicious and i love the pin cushion!;D