Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'm finally feeling better. Colds are definitely a bummer and a deterent to creativity - but now I'm back! I finished two layouts today but now it's too dark to photograph them so tomorrow I'll be busy. Today I received a totally cool prize from Crop Suey for winning the Scrapping across the universe challenge 6 - lots of vintage stuff (my brain is bubbling with ideas) and some chipboard and stamps so I'll be busy creating layouts this weekend. My first painting class on Monday was inspiring (somehow when you are concentrating on learning something new you don't notice that you are sick but when the class is over, you crash!) and I need (notice that - need) to go to Michael's on Sat to get a new flat watercolor brush (I ruined my one inch brush by using it for acrylics). Just going to Michael's is dangerous! Hopefully too, this will be the last night of COLD weather for a while - believe me, temperatures in the 30s are murder in Florida! The last couple of evenings I have been reading Hell's Bay by James W. Hall, a Florida novelist. His books are always set in the Keys so at least readingwise I am keeping warm.
I took the above photo in November but haven't scrapped it yet - sort of the boys of summer kind of thing = nobody on the beach.........summer's out of get the picture.

I'll post some pics tomorrow.

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