Sunday, March 22, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire inspired layouts

this layout is for the Category Stories challenge for lucky - you can't read the journaling on the "tv" so here it is: How does an average American woman find true love from all the millions of potentials mates out there and remain married to him for 28 years?
A. She's a genius C. She's lucky
B. She cheated & used a dating service D. It is written

I posted this layout on SIS for Lucy's challenge - I just love Lucy's style - totally free and so much anything goes. I took a class from her last fall and it was lots of fun. We spread paint on the paper and let it run, and then added photos and embellishments. Lucy wrote that many times she starts with a piece of patterned paper and then adds other papers under it so that's how I did this layout. I started with the hennaed hands and elephants paper and added the paisley (a postcard), the bluegreen (part of a Starbucks flyer for teas), and on and on. I have to admit to being very inspired by Indian patterns right now (probably from recently seeing Slumdog Millionaire) so the whole page has an Indian flavour. I handcut the silhouette from a thesarus page including "pursuit" using a self-photo. the flower centers are wine bottle caps.
Have a great day!

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deana said...

I'm lovin' the wine bottle cap for the center of the flower.... we certainly have plenty of those around! LOL! :-)