Thursday, March 26, 2009

Art journal and venting

I did this art journal canvas yesterday afternoon after reading Lucrecer's tutorial on the year of color blog about doing a monochromatic art journal page. So much fun and so stimulating, forcing myself to use only green. This is a great exercise in creativity.
And now a little venting - I have to admit I am getting pretty tired of entering challenges with time limits on them and then because someone whines about not finishing in time, the person running the challenge extends the time and invariably someone wins who was late with regard to the original deadline. My son who is a teacher told me that students today always ask for extensions and he is one of the few teachers who will not extend unless there are extreme circumstances. Aren't we teaching our children and ourselves that deadlines don't matter?
I am also pretty down on swaps as I entered a Valentine swap on a blog, corresponded with my partner, made her several items, mailed them off, and then nothing for me and she does not answer my emails. I finally emailed and told her to consider the items a RAK. And then I entered some atc swaps where the deadline is 4/1 and all of a sudden after I mailed my cards, people are cancelling.
I am not entering nearly as many challenges as I did for a while and actually I'm pretty down on challenges and swaps right now. I read a quote by Bruce Mau who said not to enter competitions as they are not good for your creativity and I am beginning to think he's right. (But I have to admit I plan to enter the Memory Makers Masters contest - I'm so glad it's via email this year and you don't have to mail layouts to them.)
Anyway, on to happier stuff. I am going to a luncheon today that is a thank you for the library book store volunteers. Should be fun!
Be back tomorrow in a much better frame of mind. LOL


ArtsyMama said...

I love this piece! I'm so glad you were inspired:)

deana said...

Agree on the deadline thing...

I'm NOT one of those parents who teaches their child that it's ok to just ask for an extension. You either do it on time or suffer the consequences... :-)

O said...

Love your journal canvas! Beautiful :)

Thanks for venting and sharing your thoughts. You're absolutely right about what we're teaching or not teaching our children about deadlines. When my own kids have gone past a deadline or two with their school work I ask them why they couldn't turn it in on time when EVERYONE in the class was told at the SAME time when the assignment was due. So then they have consequences by me, not only the bad grade they got for not turning the work in on time.

Sorry to read you've had a bad experience with that Valentine swap.

Take care...keep up your wonderful artwork.

O said...

Hi mentioned Bruce Mau and I just wanted to say I find so much inspiration and encouragement in his 'incomplete manifesto for growth'!