Saturday, March 14, 2009

Art under the Oaks

Every year at this time we have a stunning art show called Art under the Oaks sponsored by the Art Club. It is out on Orchid Island in the park by the Intercoastal and, of course, is under the live oak trees. I went yesterday morning to see all the beautiful pieces of art. My watercolor teacher, Dawn Mills, had a booth but she was selling mostly oils and acrylics. I have a cruising friend named Lillie Taylor who began painting in 2002 and she also had a booth selling her landscapes. There were several "big Floridian names" including the Rogers - Steve and Janet - and Sue Archer. I was very inspired to see all the beautiful paintings, got to talk to several painters and got some tips, and hope I can progress along that path. Also in attendance were two other watercolor teachers from the Art Museum and I hope that I can take classes from them in future years. You cannot take photos of the art works and it was a very sunny day anyway which does not make good photos. I did try to take a few of the river and park but deleted most of them.

I began scrapping like mad yesterday afternoon after I read in A-gCA the Cynthia was calling for experimental scrapbooking layouts. I stayed up till after midnight, which is totally unusual for me but I now have 2 layouts done and a 3rd laid out. I also did the "free shopping" on SIS this morning and will do a layout for that with a paper bag, Japanese fabric, and houndstooth. I found a great photo of Dan in Nassau that I have never scrapped and will use that. I'll post it tomorrow.

Have a great Saturday!

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