Sunday, March 15, 2009

Scrapping across the universe and Free shopping

This layout is for the Scrapping across the universe challenge "I wanna hold your hand". I thought of this idea immediately when I read the challenge but kept thinking I should do something a little more, actually a lot more less inflamatory, but the idea would not leave so here it is. I feel very strongly about the prevention of HIV and other STDs, but I know many people do not want to talk about it or get tested. I am afraid that with the economic issues right now things like HIV are on the back burner. I got these paper dolls and the fan top when I worked at Kids Connected by Design, a non-profit devoted to maternal and infant issues. The main foci were to lower the infant mortality rate in Florida and to insure that all babies born in Florida were healthy. These interests expanded to include prevention of child abuse, prevention of drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse in pregnant women, testing of all women for HIV, and counseling for women so they could educate their partners about HIV and STDs.
And now for something totally different - a frivolous layout for the SIS free shopping weekend challenge. The photo is of my DH when we were stranded with a non-operable boat in Nassua in the spring of 2001. We had walked to the remains of a small fort on the east end of New Providence island. We spent approximately 6 weeks in a Nassau marina which was terrribly expensive trying to get parts so my husband could repair our engine. After disassembling and reassembling it two times, he and some other boaters determined the engine was dead so we somehow made it out of the marina being towed by some dinghys and actually left Nassau by timing the tide and just going out via the super strong current through it. I had listened to the VHF radio to determine when the cruise ships would arrive and we left the mooring just after 2 had arrived and the third sat outside the harbour until we got outside and could get our sails up. Of course, when you need wind, there is very little so it took us 3 days and nights to sail from Nassau to Fort Pierce Fl where we called Towboat US and they towed us in the Inlet and to a marina. A scarry time, but it's amazing what you can do when you have no other options.
I used some lines from a Jimmy Buffett song - so funny when I think of it. We used to be Parrotheads (we were really good friends with a couple who named their boat Parrothead) and loved to listen to Buffett's music but after we went sailing and were actually out there, we almost never listened to it. Even now, we rarely listen to his stuff. It's fun sometimes to reminisce.


Rachel said...

Love the tribute page to HIV. I live in FL and that is a starteling number! TFS!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Fantastic Scrapping The Universe page! Great way to address the topic of HIV prevention!

Lisa Cook said...

Hi Chris,
Thanks for stopping by my blog as part of your Year of Color travel! I am glad you did because I am quite taken with your scrapbook layouts. It is nice to see your free form style and I like what you are incorporating. Good stuff. I have you bookmarked and I will stop by again. You do the same!

Anonymous said...

You SATU page rocks! I don't live in Florida, but I voluteered with MAPS in Seattle back in the mid 90's. They provided housing to HIV + people. Your page would made good advertising!! Such a great layout!
Also love your pirate page, such a fun layout!

Jocelyn said...

I just founf your Blog and just love it!!! What a wonderful tribute page to HIV!!!! Please stopb by and say HI!!! I love to meet others with a passion for crafting!!! Have a Terrific Tuesday!!!