Sunday, March 1, 2009

A page a day (LOL)

In this journal page, I am trying out a method in which you alter a self portrait - not quite Frieda Kahlo. I used a craft knife to scratch the photo and then painted it with acrylic paint and wiped off most of the paint. What remained rested in the grooves.


Stacey said...

Thanks for visiting my blog:) I've really been enjoying the Year of Color site and look forward to all the exciting new posts... Have a "colorful" day!

Stacey said...

Hi Chris! Wanted to let you know that you won my give-away:) Please send me an email with your contact information, most importantly your email and home address. My contact email is

I'm so excited for you. Please let me know if there's anything in particular you collect or use in your art. I'd be happy to change out some things in the prize for other items which may seem more useful to you.

I look forward to hearing for you!
Have a lovely day- Stacey