Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday studio time

On Wednesday I saw the Daisy Yellow -random-color-prompt - to make a background of green and blue so as I was cleaning off my palette, I used a wide brush to clean out the greens and blues - I just swiped the brush across the page so in some places the paint is super thick
of course I couldn't just leave it that way.....................
Also on Wednesday I got a new catalog from a travel company through which I hope to take a trip to Italy next year. Above my desk I posted the pages about the trip from an earlier catalog and have been saving a bit each month toward the trip. In the newest catalog, this trip is not listed so I went online to see about it, and it still does exist but the price has gone up another thousand dollars. Oh my! I am a complete realist in regards to money (after all, I worked as an accountant for quite a while) but the way prices keep going up is wearing me out. I am so tired of pundants on any and all media outlets telling us that we are not experiencing inflation because an ipad can do more than a laptop - well honestly, if my laptop does what I need it to, why should I spend the money to buy an ipad? And my health insurance and homeowners' insurance - well. it's just best not to go there..................
But I digress......................
So I was a bit blue
and I decided to play a bit with this background
I came across the perfect quote "occasionally she dreams of Italy"

from a tiny Kate Spade card that came in my wallet (purchased a long time ago on ebay) - I also used the card and then riffled through my stash box to find a Discover promo card and some 7gypsies tape and......
Voila! Isn't it wonderful how just playing in the studio can make you happy - being totally in the moment and not thinking about past or future - this little space of time and this little piece of paper are all I need right now - no matter what I do today (whether I play or work or worry or sleep or...), tomorrow will still come so you might as well enjoy the now.
thanks for reading my ramblings and hope you are enjoying your now,

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

That is a bummer about the trip :( Italy would be amazing to see!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee your page! LOVING the colors and love love love how you included the discover promo card... did I ever tell you that I worked for them for 9 years??