Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter delights, some layouts, & a RAK

It is so so cold here, but we are trying to stay warm. Bundled up with an undershirt, a long sleeved teeshirt, and another shirt or shawl. At least I am getting to use some of the beautiful knitted scarves and shawls that I have made. I took the above photo after dinner last night - an empty soup bowl - because there is lots of soup making and
baking happening - French bread every other day, banana bread, and chocolate chip cookies.

Sketch #2 of the Scrapgal Back to Basics Sketch contest - come on over and join in. This layout is of Crate Paper (manu of the month and another contest) and old Making Memories diecut paper. Hana looks so stressed, don't you think?

this layout was done for the Scrapgal yearlong challenge of 10 thing lists - the January prompt is resolutions for 2010. the pp is Cosmo Cricket; the alphas are pink paislee, October afternoon, and Making Memories; and the epoxy sticker is K&co. The picture is a postcard of one of my idols, Frieda Kahlo.
I thought since it is the beginning of the year, I would do a little RAK. I have noticed many people doing art journaling or wanting to do art journaling so I am offering 2 books - The Artful Journal - a spiritual quest and Kaleidoscope - ideas + projects to spark your creativity. Just leave me a comment and I will randomly select one next Friday, Jan 15.

Today is quite a bit warmer but then tomorrow is supposed to be miserable so we are enjoying today! Lots of sunshine - I am doing laundry, will finish a painting this afternoon, listening to Charlaine Harris's book Dead as a Doornail on my cd player, going to a gallery opening for a friend this afternoon, and then out to dinner, probably Mexican, tonight. We watched Julie and Julia on Wed night (got it from the library) and loved it. I have reserves in for several other movies and also for the 1st season of True Blood.
I have been hand quilting a quilt at night (so warm and cozy as I lay it over my lap) - I made the quilt top the year after my mother passed - it is made of fabrics that she gave me the last time I saw her before she passed (not really what I would have picked) - I put it away and finally last summer I was able to get it out and finish the borders and now I am quilting it. I think the problem of finishing it was the finality of it all - the fabrics remind me so much of her. I think she would like it. and once I am done, I will show a photo of it.
Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful weekend. Try to stay warm and I will be back on Sunday - be sure to comment for the RAK!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh chris!! i love the lo's and ummmmmmmmmmmmmm can i come over for cookies????? i think it will make me feel sooooooooooo much better!! lol!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

McMGrad89 said...

Your table reminds me so much of my Aunt Rose's house. It is always set and decorated. I love your setting. Sounds like you will be getting the cold that we got today. We should be even colder tonight. Much like the children in Florida I am sure, our Texas children are never quite ready for temperature drops like we had today. Stay warm and happy quilting.

Zeffy said...

Hi Chris, you always touch something deep inside of me...Firstly the quilt , I know the feeling of cherishing the last thing given to you by your mom!Secondly I love the movie J&J I believe THE cook-book is available.Thirdly I dabble in Paint-journaling,but with no guidence,just randomly, so I would love one of the books!!keep warm

Anonymous said...

Your Frieda Kahlo layout is such a beauty!!! And yes, I can imagine it is like closing a door once the quilt is done... but it is a beautiful thing to quilt that fabric! I'd love to see a photo once it's finished! Have a great weekend Chris! (Oh, and yes, you KNOW I love art journaling, so I'd love me a book!)

Thinkie said...

those cookies look delish! Great pages! And what a cool giveaway!

Tammy said... mouth is watering for the cookies...I also love the notes on your layouts~cute idea.

mandysea said...

Lovely LO's for Scrapgal!! You always put sooo much thought into them!! Beautiful! Loving the cookies!! Yum....makes me feel hungry!
Lovely books too!! Love the art journaling one!!!
I should say journaling one...but if you notice....I avoid it for some reason. Its scarce on my pages!

Hanneke said...

I love those LO's, both are great! And yes Hanna looks very stressed, poor thing! Those cookies looks yummie and bananabread??? Sounds great to me!!! Love that you are finishing that quilt! Can't wait to see it finished!!
This weekend it isgoing to be very cold here as well, they expect a lot of snow and wind brrrrrr!!!
Keep warm!!!

deana said...

Yes, I think your mom would've LOVED that. :-)

The LO's are stunning & the cookies look yummy!

Hope you can manage to stay warm. Your home sure LOOKS warm & inviting!

Big hugs & have a GREAT weekend, my friend!

Amy Muffoletto said...

I am closer than Julie. I will beat her to the cookies....LOL. Your layouts are beautiful.. Alexandria told me the puddles of water are now frozen puddles on the ground...That is how cold it is here... Love you table setting... One day I will be able to do that and not fear it will all be broken.... Little boys are so rough! Hugs. Amy

Danica said...

yummy cookies! adore your 10 things LO!!! and you are so sweet for having a RAK : )

*kim* said...

wow wow wow although I have done some art journaling here and there, I'm actually going to follow along with the Year in the Life blog this year. What a generous RAK you are offering!
Your art is definitely some good inspiration!

Those baked goods sure sound good right now for a late night snack! :)

sarah said...

can i come over and have some of those cookies! me wants!!! :) jk! anyway, your kitty is purr-fectly adorable!!! :)

hope you all start to warm up over there!


Nicole Renee said...

Ooooo, cookies!! Yummy! I would love a RAK too! Your layouts are always so inspiring and beautiful. Thanks! " )

Jeanet said...

Beautiful again Chris..i'm so loving your layouts!!Oh and those cookies look so yummy...not good for my diet ;)
I can imagine it's hard to finish the quilt,but also so precious to make!
And I love that RAK...really into art journaling right now ;)