Friday, January 15, 2010

Artz de Scrap, These are a few of my favorite fragrances, & a WINNER

I created this little shrine for the current challenge at Artz de Scrap - the challenge is actually to alter a metal beverage can and the tutorial on the blog shows how to cut the can, paint, and turn it into a flower magnet but you know me - I can't leave well enough alone so on January 1st - a very cool and rainy day here - I dug a coke can out of the recycling bin (Brian drank coke while he was visiting us for Christmas), washed it, and started cutting. The day before I had bought a bunch of huge silk flowers and a lot of eucalyptus at a thrift store so I cut apart a lily and hot glued part of it to the bottom of the can and part of it inside the can base. I added some pieces of an old potpourri flower and then finally the porcelain angel in the center. Come join us in the challenge.

And now - THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS!!!!!!! The new challenge is what is your favorite fragrance, and you will love the responses from the DT - all kinds of things: so wonderful, so surprising, so romantic, and so funny! I thought of all of the different fragrances that I have loved and worn over the years. I cut out watercolor paper in the shapes of the various bottles and painted them with watercolors, and finally added photos, embellishments, and journaling (I know, what a concept, me doing journaling?!)

the first page is Chanel No 5 which always epitomizes class with a capital C to me - little black dresses, pearls, Audrey Hepburn. My mother wore it some when I was growing up (as a nurse, she rarely wore perfume). I wore Chanel No 5 as an evening fragrance for many years. the second page is Jean Nate., an inexpensive line that was around long before Bath and Body Works. It's a lemony-citrus scent that works great in the summertime. I usually wear a citrusy scent in the summer but this past year I found a really cool lime and verbena scent, and the year before that, it was pink grapefruit - but this whole range of fragrances always is soft and just seems to whisper summer. Next is Laura Ashley No 1 (no longer made). I wore lots of Laura Ashley when we moved to Jacksonville and I loved the floral notes of this perfume. And then, there's KL, a perfume I wore in Denver. Dan brought me a bottle back from Chicago when he went to a trade show there. He told me that he saw a 5 foot high bottle in the Chicage Saks 5th Avenue but all he could afford was the regular size - it's a fairly heavy scent - I liked it but never bought it myself.

So, of course if I liked Laura Ashley, obviously I liked Ralph Lauren. Times change and I moved out of that phase. LOL! Then comes Beautiful by Estee Lauder. After my mother retired, she started wearing fragrance all the time and her favorites were always by Estee Lauder. I always associate the fragrance of Beautiful with my mother. Finally, the fragrance I have been wearing in the winter for quite some time - Crabtree & Evelyn Lily of the Valley - clean, soft, flowery. When I was growing up in Missouri, our house faced north, and there was a shaded corner on the northeast side of the house where our covered front porch jutted out. This entire shade area was filled with lilies of the valley, and everytime you walked out of the front door in warm weather, you could smell them ----- such a wonderful memory!

And there you have it - all of my favorites. Please join us at TAAFOMFT and show us your favorite fragrance - you have until January 30th. We would love to see them - I am always amazed when I see the layouts of the DT and of the contestants how many happy memories of mine get triggered!
Tonight Dan and I are going to Art by the Sea, an exhibit at the Vero Beach Art Museum; and guess what, I have a painting in the show!!!! I am really looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful pieces of art tonight. This morning I went by the only art supply store in town because she is going out of business and everything is heavily discounted. I feel very badly for her but I was able to purchase some brushes and paints that I could not have afforded otherwise. We have a small Michaels and a Crafts n Stuff but neither carries quality supplies (or the big name scrapping stuff) so it forces you to order online - sort of a viscious cycle for small local merchants - I don't know what the answer is - it's just one of those dual-edged swords I guess.
And before I forget, the winner of the art journal books is - per the random number generator - from 1 to 15 - it is 12, and that is *Kim*
Kim, please email me your address at kalaiton at gmail dot com, and I will mail you the books. I have some more books that I will be giving away in a couple of weeks so stay tuned!
Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


sarah said...

happy friday to you, chris! :)

me cutting metal?! okay, no! i'll most likely cut myself doing that! HAHA. i'll leave you to make projects that I can look at and be soooo inspired!

loved the mini you made of fragrances... altho not a fan of very many scents... i use crabtree lotion, and i LOVE it! it's a great scent. :) one that does not give me headaches. LOL.

hugs to you,

deana said...

I really, really LOVE the mini book you made. Such a great idea to document all the perfumes you've worn over the years. There have been many for me, too, & you reminded me that I wore Beautiful when I was in college! :-)

Have a GREAT weekend, Chris! :-)

Amy Muffoletto said...

Love reading all the thoughts you have behind that adorable mini book you made. Love your angel shrine you just always amaze me. Hugs, Amy

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love love love what U made with the can and loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your mini...and EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! CONGRATS KIM! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! Perfumes bring back memories! I had Chanel 5 for a while too, but I started wearing "Paris" (YSL) in the eighties and never stopped... people even tell me "I thought I'd smell you the other day, but it was another woman wearing YOUR parfume..." isn't that sweet???! I did a LO about it once, don't know if I will play this time... we'll see. Have fun at the exhibition (CONGRATS! Did I say this before? If ot, CONGRATS!!!) Have a nice weekend!

Jenneke said...

Oh, I adore the mini you made!!
I'm not a great fan of many perfumes but I love to see how you documented your favorites!!

Wish you a wonderful weekend!!


Bekka said...

The flower is gorgeous, but I'm like Sarah -- no way am I going to cut a soda can! Haha! I love your scents mini for TAAFOMFT! Really, really clever! And congrats on the art show!!!