Monday, July 2, 2012

July sketchbook challenge

The July sketchbook challenge is CIRCLES. I was playing with paint and trying to capture the color of these beautiful flowers - I quickly sketched my little porcelain palette, added the photo, and then used every color on the palette to make the background.
Still playing a bit with color - don't you just love red peppers - well actually, I haven't met a pepper that I didn't like!  These two pages were done in my small sketchbook with handmade paper. The next one was done in a Bienfang "Take Me Along" Sketchbook - the paper is lightweight and doesn't take paint very well (I found it last fall at the Used Book Depot also marked a dollar).  I carry this sketchbook everywhere and use it for sketching, list making, journaling, and just everything. I used watercolor pencil here but it looks very faded out due to the light weight of the paper.
Again I was playing with circles and I quickly sketched some little items that were sitting on my desk, leftover from last week's scrapping.

Hope you have a wonderful July 4th!  We are going to a baseball game!


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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are gorgeous!! I loveeeeeeee that apple!!