Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just another day in the studio

Just stopping by to say hi and let you know that things are happening in my studio!  Last week I was lucky enough to get two new sketchbooks - one gorgeous one with handmade paper and another one hardbound with drawing weight paper (just $1 at a thrift store!!!!) I am playing with some new ideas and trying out some new things (for me) - as you can see from the second photo, Hana is not the least interested in what I am doing - she is a true Floridian - she hates the heat and at this time of years, likes to sit on a windowsill in an air conditioned room watching the world go by - I can totally understand!

What are you creating today?


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Total score on those books!! That's awesome!! Today... I am literally working!! LOL!! No creating! :)

Mary Ellen Koser said...

As I read your blog and titles, I love your sense of humor. I finally posted something for circles and I need to get cracking on doing the challenges. You are a great source of inspiration information for me.Thanks.