Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just a little more cropping

A few more layouts that I did this past weekend - I love how this one came out - so full of color and energy! The yellow/black combination is always a winner - really makes you sit up and notice! The challenge here was all about texture - acrylic paint applied with bubble wrap and then spread with my fingers (I love to get messy!), then stamping, and sequin waste and ribbons - all fun stuff!

This challenge was to scrap the impediments to your happiness - after some thought, I realized that I want to do so many many things and yet really only have a short time left to do them - I must prioritize and focus on what I want most, and do those things - be a better painter, travel, be healthy, etc.

Perhaps this layout was extra meaningful to me because I have been unable to do as much as I would have liked this past winter. I had a bad eye infection for more than three months so my sight wasn't very clear and I was totally exhausted much of the time as my body fought the infection. Fortunately I have been completely well for the past month and have been trying to catch up (painting, knitting, sewing, cleaning, and scrapping like a demon).   Since I went to the eye doctor and got the all clear, I got my hair cut, bought all new makeup, and sewed some new tops (blogpost later this week) - life is good and I am so grateful that I am blessed with a wonderful DH and son, and so many good friends!
I combined two of the challenges in this last layout - to use a particular quotation (if you click on the photo, I think you can read the quote) and to think about things that you loved as a child and also love now - I have always been a cat person (we also had dogs when I was a child so I like them just not as well as I like cats) and I have always loved to draw, to paint, to create. I combined these two loves in this layout.

This was a fun weekend - hope yours was also lots of fun and filled with things that you love!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I had NO IDEA about your eyes Chris :( I am so sorry you were having a rough time!! I can't even imagine!! Sending you hugs! I loveeeeeeeeeee your lo's!! They are gorgeous and inspiring!!!

Cassie Box said...

I am so glad that you are better and creating again. We missed you!!! =) You are up on Paper Issues today: http://paperissues.blogspot.com/2012/05/spring-has-sprung-layout.html