Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday layouts from last year

These are some layouts that I did for Christmas 2008 - I did minis of the above one for family Christmas cards. This photo is of Dan, his twin, and his older brother as choirboys. Too cute!
Dan grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania; and winters are very cold, snowy, and long there.

This layout is a photo from my family - can you believe those lamps? They were my grandmother's - definitely not my style!
I think that my scrapping style has changed some in the past year - I can definitely see how I would improve these - taking some stuff off and rearranging other stuff - but it's good to see how your style evolves over time.
I have to finish cleaning the house, go to the grocery store, and bake one last batch of cookies. Then tomorrow I have a routine mammogram at 8:35 am - can you believe they scheduled me on Christmas eve day? I feel bad that they have to work at all but I remember that I worked on Christmas eve day for many years - the last 2 jobs I had, though, we got 2 days for Christmas so that was really nice.
I have selected the songs from Marit's Dutch Top 2000 songs that I am going to do art journal pages - I want to use the stencils from the fabulous book that Julie gave me - there are ones of a phonograph, headphones, tape player, fast car (what song do you think I picked for that one?), camera, and an Afro headed woman - and I want to use a new glimmer mist screen of some winter trees for one of my favorite Beatles songs. Gotta get busy as Brian is coming tomorrow afternoon and I won't have my studio for a couple of days.
Hope your holiday week is going super and that you have a merry Christmas!
I might post again but not sure, so enjoy yourself, eat lots of good stuff, and peace on earth!


Anonymous said...

I do love your "old" layouts Chris! And yes, I can see what you mean if you say you improved over the last year... although they are all lovely, I don't see "the Chris I know" in it.... I finished my first top 2000 LO, already have Michelle's first one in the mail and am so excited so many lovely ladies play along! And yessss, I think I know the song (fast car) you're refering too... if I'm right, then it's one old time favorite of mine!!!! ("maybe together we can get somewhere"...??????) Merry, merry Christmas to you too Chris!!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said... i don't know if this is the song U are referring NOW its STUCK in my head... LOL... "FAST CAR" by Tracy Chapman... loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her style... *sigh* ... I love love love love love love love those lo's ... those photos make me happy!!! And I have family from that part of PA...another connection to CHRIS!!!! YAY! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Jamie the Smarty Pants said...

Oh my Girl!!! These are pure amazing!!!! I am in love with the first one. Merry Christmas <3 Jamie

jacque4u2c said...

Old style or new style it ROCKS!!! You are an artist to the bone!

Hanneke said...

I love those LO's, is that some quilting on the first one? Love the photo's!!! I would love to do some scrapping, but I just don't have the time,my scrapping starts next year (that sounds a bit sad)!!!
Have a wonderfull Christmas!!
With love Hanneke

deana said...

Oldies, but GOODIES! I ♥ looking back through all my old scrapbooks. My style has definitely evolved, but all the journaling is all that really matters to me! :-)

I'll be thinking about you tomorrow with your mammogram!

Big hugs & have a VERY Merry Christmas, my friend! :-)