Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hi, it's me Hana

Hey guys, it's me Hana - Chris thinks that I am fast asleep under this quilt but she's got another think coming! I love to get on the computer when she isn't around - why does she think I am always curled up on the desk chair when she gets home? Duh! and I figured since Brookie takes over Julie's blog every once in a while, I could take over Chris's - after all, Brookie is only 3 and I am 5.
I really don't like the way Chris always is moving things around in my house but I humor her - after all, she feeds me and pets me lots purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - but this Christmas thing is way out of hand! She moved my chair and basket over to a different spot and put up this crazy fake tree - at least I can sprawl out under it and nap. and then she puts out all of these stuffed things that are way too big to be toys for me and anyway, they don't look like mice at all. This white one is Glimmer - I heard Chris talk about her - Chris's mom gave her to Chris a long time ago and Chris even added one of her Mom's old earrings - no way am I wearing anything like that!!!!

Look at all of these creatures - up on top of the television cabinet. I could get up there and knock them all down but it just isn't worth the effort - meyawn meyawn - this blogging is making me sleepy - after all, a cat needs about 18 hours of sleep a day and you just wouldn't believe how hard that goal can be - it's really difficult to sleep when there are geckos on the lanai and you need to keep them in line or at least, nip off their tails! yum! Chris says the reindeer to the left is a s'more, whatever that is - she likes chocolate but in my opinion, catnip is the only thing that matters! purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - the white reindeer are vintage plastic from the 50s and the silver ones are vintage mercury glass.

This is Rennie, a vintage Stieff complete with his ear button and yellow tag. He gets a lot of attention from Chris - I know she got him on ebay several years ago after lots of searching and bidding.
And then, here are the girls - sometimes we hang out and gossip. Chris received the little one up top from her mother, the big one from Brian, some crazed dude who arrives here periodically and I have to share Chris with him. I used to growl at him but now I don't bother - he's just temporary and I am permanent! purrrrrrrrrrrrr - Chris got the little red one from Dan last year (Dan is okay if Chris isn't around but things would be purrrfect if it was just her and me). the little red one has a glass of wine in her hoof.
so this has taken me a while to write and now my paws are tired - I am all tired - it's naptime but I forget which number this is - anyway Chris will be back later in the week - I know she has been crazed in the studio lately but - meyawn meyawn I need my beauty sleep


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ok Hana....don't know this about me....but I have a REAL LOUD voice...and lol lol lol lol lol lol...I am TRYING REALLY hard to keep quiet as the whole family besides me and Mr. Dandy (I don't think U two would get along at all....nope...not happening!! LOL!) are asleep...and I am TRYING soooooooooooooooooooooo HARD not to laugh LOUD at your AMAZING and FUN FUN FUN post!!!!!! Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee your Mom's reindeer....and I promise they will go away soon...just a couple more weeks and your house will be back in order....and no worries about Brian and Dan lol lol...they KNOW who's the boss and that U and your Mama actually rule the house!!!! LOL!!! Hey!!!! MAYBE U and Mr. Dandy WOULD get along....he feels the same way about those other people that live in my thinks it should just be me and him too! :):):):):):):) Great post Hana....come back again! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Anonymous said...

hi hana!!!!!!! well, because your mama moved all of your stuff around, maybe there will be LOTS of fun things for you under that fake tree of hers! :)

do you get along with dogs, hana?! i've got two dogs that would LOVE to be friends... that is if you aren't afraid of them. hehe! ;)

anyway stay warm today!

Jeanet said...

Well hello Hana,
Nice to meet you!Love your fun,fun story about all the decorations.....people always make such a fuzz about have bigger things to care about, like catching that 8 hour sleep a day ;)...Maybe Sarah is right and there will be a lot of gifts for you ;)
See you soon!Give Chris a hug!

McMGrad89 said...

Aw Hanna, nice to meet you. Hope you are having fun.

McMGrad89 said...
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deana said...

Adorable Christmas decor, Chris! And Hana is too funny! :-)