Sunday, December 6, 2009

Elves and books and mail, oh my!

Here are my little porcelain candy cane people saying hello to you - I received these as a Christmas present from a neighbor when I was 9 or 10, and cherish them (they are one of the few things I have from my childhood). Every year I love putting them out as they were always one of my favorite parts of the holidays. I remember Christmas growing up as somewhat of a minefield - my step-father was very volatile and unpredictable so you never knew what you would receive or how the holidays would go - some years were fantastic and others - well, enough said. But, as they say, that was a long time ago and far far away -----my Christmases as an adult and especially with Brian and Dan have always been filled with joy and thankfulness.
Some of my books for the season - the green bear is Erin - after our cat passed (after the hurricanes) and we had to live in the little trailer, I bought Erin, and he was our pet in the trailer. He still sits in his little chair in our living room all the time but sometimes he wears signs of the season (you should see him in his Mardi Gra regalia!!!) Also notice the button tree I made - more photos in a later post of some craftiness.
Tada! the finished painting from my intermediate watercolor class

and now for some thank yous for some happy mail - the above is a prize I won from Scrapgal

and this fantastic happy mail came from the Let's Get Shabby blog - I won a Christmas RAK and received these gorgeous cards (one of them was made by Jenneke!) and all of these fantastic flowers and embellies. Thank you so much - I am in craft heaven!
I have lots to do today - all of my plans (when will I ever learn not to make plans?) fell through about scrapping and painting last week as I got called in to work (so many sick people!). Yesterday it rained all day (thank you God for the desperately needed rain) but I went on the Artists' studio tour anyway - what fun to see how and where other artists create their magic! Today I hope to catch up on the Tim Holtz tags (only have 2 done so far), finish a wallhanging for Harlee-Quinnz, and maybe even do some fun stuff - scrapping just for fun - what's that? Actually I have an idea for an upcoming These are a few of my favorite things challenge that wants to be made, and that's always fun! Speaking of, be sure to get us your favorite holiday layout by the 14th (another week) - we would love to see them!!!!!
thanks for reading and ttfn


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ok....I am PROBABLY going to spell this wrong...but U will get it...LOL!!! WHY the *bleep* are U in the intermidiate ART CLASS????? HOLY CROW WOMAN!!!!!! U are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to talented for that!!! NEXT time I better SEE "ADVANCED" by your class type!!! That is BEAUTIFUL!!! And I love love love love love love love the ELVES and the HAPPY MAIL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Hanneke said...

I am so in love with those elves, they are so cute!! And omg that painting?!!!!!! That is so beautiful, you are amazing!!!!

Christina said...

The elves are too cute and what and awesome story behind them =) You always have such fun stuff going on over at your bloggity!! painting, scrappin'.....

Jeanet said...

Those elves are way tooooo cute!!
LOve,love,love your painting..holy moly you are incredible!!
Love that happy mail!!

Nicole Renee said...

Love your painting, it is beautiful! Love those elves too!

McMGrad89 said...

You are the greatest artist. I would take classes from YOU! I love the story of your candy cane people and "ERIN" I have a teddy bear (Steiff) on my mantle that I got the day I was born. I love it. And people now give me little teddy bears that I also have on my mantle. Thanks for sharing a look into your life.

deana said...

WOW, Chris, that watercolor is stunning! You are really excelling in that class! :-)

Your elves are adorable & yay for winning some FUN stuff!

Miya said...

I am so glad your Christmas' are better now !and holy COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE AN AMAZING ARTIST!!! OMG!!!! SERIOUSLY!! GEEZ! LOL
And those elves are sooo adorable! they look so good for you having them all these years.
Thank you so much for your congratulations!
Have a great day, sweets!

Anonymous said...

i agree with julie!!!! intermediate?!?!?! you should not even be taking classes... you should be TEACHING them to ppl like me! LOL. :)

anyway, those elves are so cute! i think you should create a layout about them with that story you shared with all of us! ;)

anyway, hope you have a fantastic day today.


Anonymous said...

Your painting is awesome Chris!!! And those elves are so cute... yes, I'm working on a t.a.a.f.o.m.f.t. too... (the holiday one...) hope to have it finished by Friday!