Sunday, June 28, 2009

Recycled flower tutorial

This weekend is the SISinversary event in TN so the forum and gallery are very quiet. Some of the stay at homers started planning on line challenges and tutorials so I joined in and did a Fabric and Ribbon tutorial/challenge. I have to admit i was very disappointed by how few people are joining in but I have still had lots of fun. I decided to present the tutorials on my blog and here is the first one.

Here is a very simple ribbon flower constructed from a recycled adhesive tape runner. Next time your tape runner needs to be replaced, save the middle cog wheel, cut narrow ribbons to attach either by tying or by folding the ribbons in half, sliding the loop through the cog and pull the loose ends through the loophole.


*kim* said...

what a fantastic idea!
I'll admit I have not been on the SIS boards much lately, just too much life I suppose!

I remember last year there was lots of fun challenges during the SISiversary event.

Marit said...

Hi there Chris! Yes, I know, few people were actually playing - and I have to admit, I didn't play in other challenges beside my own "Photo-edit" either... I still want to do your flower some day, but I'm such a slow scrapper, I take two or more days for one lay out! (well, sometimes it goes fast... but if I have the "feel" I have little time, I block!) Still had a lot of fun on the forum, didn't we?!

Pegasus said...

neat tutorial! I couldn't do it this weekend because I am not at home and have no ribbon here. Will look it up when I get home

NancyJones said...

this is very cuteee!