Sunday, April 5, 2009

The weekend!!!!!

Happy Sunday! I did this on Friday for the Free Shopping challenge on SIS - the photo is of the tunnel to Paradise Island in the Bahamas
Then yesterday I did another SIS challenge - for both Free Shopping and Lift the Layout - the photos are of azaleas in our yard. When we lived in Jacksonville, we had 20 azalea bushes, many different varieties. Here we have only 2 varieties. I made the big flowers from some old K&Co Amy Butler paper. I am still in my NOT BUYING IT mode so everything in these layouts is fairly old.
I did this layout yesterday for the SATU challenge - Secrets. I have a folder of old old photos, some of whom I know who they are because they have names written on them but others? who knows? I think that's pretty sad. Actually my son really doesn't care much about our ancestors so after me, I don't know what will become of these.
Our bedroom in the morning. The quilt was made by my great aunt in the 50s from my great great grandmother's dresses after she died. I made the kimono quilt about 18 years ago. The sewing basket on the left of the bed is where my cat sleeps at night during warm weather. In the winter she sleeps in the basket under the chair to the right in the photo below.
When I was recounting my week in the last blog (be sure to go there and leave me a comment for the RAK for the Japanese fat quarters - ) I forgot to mention the pillows I made for our sofa. I had purchased some pillow forms last fall at Joannes on sale and I used fabric from some old silk Hawaiian print style shirts that I used to wear. The pillows were so easy because I just cut out squares from the shirts, making sure the buttons were buttoned and straight. I placed front and back right sides together and stitched around all 4 sides. Then I unbuttoned the pillowcover, inserted the form, and buttoned them back closed. So so easy and quick!
I finished my key lime painting yesterday afternoon and will post it this week sometime. Have a great Sunday!


McMGrad89 said...

Love the buttoned shirt idea for pillows!

Crystal said...

OMG I love those flowers I never have the gumption to make any. You did quite a few pages you make me look like a total slacker!I always want to do that challenge but never get aournd to it Your bed is lovely too.

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

I love your projects and your bedroom is BEAUTIFUL! Your son may change his mind about the ancestors as he gets older. Thanks for sharing!

Denise said...

I remember your free shopping/Lift me up LO -- gorgeous! Love what you are doing with the ancestral photos. I'm adopted so not only do I not have names, I don't have photos! :(

Off to register for your Japanese fabrics RAK...thanks so much!!