Wednesday, April 8, 2009


In my watercolor class on Monday, several people in the class wanted to paint their pets so we had a lesson on painting animals. I painted one of Hana and although I had a lot of fun painting it, I looked at it yesterday and was ready to rip it to shreds. Then I got depressed - oh yes, isn't that always the way? I have started painting in the past only to abandon it when things didn't turn out the way I though they should. Last night I was pretty down but this morning I reminded myself that it is only paint and paper so I began to practice painting fruit, especially pears. I had seen a beautiful painting in Splash 5 (which I got from the library) of fruit so I examined it closely and used the basic layout. My first attempt was a total disaster so it got chopped up for collaging or scrapping. Below is my second attempt. I am truly trying to follow Julia Cameron's philosopy in the Artist's Way and not let my inner critical voice rule me this time.
The next painting is the one I did of the key lime tree in our yard. Right now I am enjoying painting still lifes of flowers, fruits, etc. I am not ready yet to do animals. Next week in my watercolor class we are going to try Chinese painting techniques with ink and watercolor. I may practice some flowers this week to take and do in the Chinese style.
I am trying to find a flower loom in the thrift stores (I checked ebay and since Cathy of California demonstrated straw flowers on Martha, the price on vintage Ronco flower looms has gone up. I had actually gotten interested in the flowers before I knew about the Martha show (I don't watch it but over the weekend I watched the flower segment on the Martha website) but I guess I will just have to keep looking or wait till the popularity dies down. I did find some vintage raffia so once I find a loom, I'm ready.
I baked bread this morning using half the recipe to make cinnamon rolls. Yum!!! I read on Soulemama that the best way to store bread is in a cloth bag, and that vintage linen dish towels work perfectly so I looked through my linen closet and found the perfect towel. Now to sew it into a bag and add a drawstring.
Have a great week!

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pamala said...

Your paintings are gorgeous!