Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Crazy for color

My latest painting finished on Monday. As you can tell, I love to paint flowers and fruits, and I am totally crazy for color. I am working very hard on keeping my colors dynamic and not getting dulled or muddy by too much mixing or layering. I am now taking a second class on Thurday afternoons (just $5 a class so I can afford it). I am getting low on paper so I just ordered a bunch and will be trying out some new types that I have not purchased before. It was hard for me to click the "submit order" button when I looked at the total amount but I realize that I need paper to paint on and it was an excellent sale. I decided to start selling books again to make some money for art supplies so I will be working hard at that in the evenings.
I had ordered 3 12 x 12 brown corduroy binders from Crop Chocolate last week and they came yesterday. I have so many unbound layouts in piles so I knew that I needed to get some binders. Crop Chocolate sells Making Memories stuff quite cheap and I love the d-ring binders so this was a very good thing. I totally filled one binder this afternoon and will work for a while tomorrow and Friday to finish filing all of the layouts.
I had planned (LOL) not to spend any extra money this month but I purchased the binders and the paper so I need to be extra frugal next month.
My DH starts his immunology treatments at the VA hospital on Friday and will have them for 6 weeks. He was diagnosed last spring with bladder cancer, had surgery to remove 3 tumors, and had the immunology treatments last summer (basically he is injected with the TB virus and it fights the cancer) to prevent new growths. Unfortunately they grew back and he had surgery on April 15 and will now start the treatments again. He is very matter of fact about the whole thing but I have to admit I get pretty stressed out - I think that's why I am scrapping and painting so much - it really takes my mind off the problem.
Have a good week - I plan on joining the National Scrapbooking Day activities on SIS and maybe check out 2peas also.


McMGrad89 said...

Wow, Chris. I had never heard of such a treatment before. I wish all the best for you and your DH.

I love your painting so much. Can I be you when I "grow up?"


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous painting!! Good luck on the treatments!!

deana said...

I'm lovin' the name Crop Chocolate. :-)

Beautiful painting.... once again!

Will be saying prayers for your husband & sending you both hugs... :-)

Have a nice weekend, Chris.