Monday, August 6, 2012

The Finish Line (or UFO Quilt Sighting)

I finished quilting and binding this quilt on Sunday afternoon - I actually began this quilt in 1992 and the fabrics in it reflect the passage of the years and the trends in quilting fabrics. There are Liberty cottons that I purchased in 1991 in Bermuda ($18 a yard in those days!), Gutcheon and Jinny Beyer cottons, cottons from the Dutch East Indies, Italy, India, and Japan, cottons from our travels in the Bahamas and down through the Islands, cottons from the 2000s after we came back to Florida - such a treasure trove of memories.  I had begun the quilt in 1992 and actually put the cut out pieces and finished blocks away in storage while we lived on the boat.  The bag of pieces would be gotten out occasionally and new pieces added over the years until finally this spring I finished piecing the front, pulled out some large pieces of Liberty tana cotton for the backing, and began to quilt it.  I got it out a week ago Monday and began to hand quilt it, working from 9am to 5pm (with time off for lunch and other necessary house cleaning and cooking chores) pretty much every day through Saturday - then bound it on Sunday - what a joy to see it completed!!

Do you have any UFOs (unfinished objects) in your studio or packed away?  What a wonderful feeling it is to finish one (or two or three or ?)!

Hope your day is filled with joy and abundance!

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