Thursday, August 9, 2012

Some things that are making me happy

Maybe you know (or not) that the east coast of Florida is very very dry - when we do get rain, it comes in torrents but between those times, it is very hot and dry so unless you water or plant drought resistant plants, you don't have many flowers.  We are of the group that do no water our yard but we do have several stunning hibiscus plants, some flaming orange ixoras, oleanders, night blooming jasmine, bouganvillea, azaleas in the spring (but we do  have one that is blooming right now - go figure?), and allamandas all across our back fence.  I picked a few allamandas and impatients (they grow everywhere!) for our table. I love these little oil lights that I bought a long time ago at Pottery Barn - I filled the glass bowls with white sand and added small shells from my collection (I put out lots of shells throughout the house in the summertime).
My Margaret Dashwood shawl is continuing to grow (but I admit not very quickly). I love the yarn and the pattern but I keep getting distracted by painting, watching episodes of Midsomer Murders from the library, reading new books (right now I am totally absorbed in Broken Harbour, the new book by Tana French - it's brilliant!), drinking iced tea, eating summer meals like boiled shrimp, caesar salad, and French bread, sewing a new top from my favorite pattern (the Mimosa top from The Sewing Workshop - I just finished my 4th one but I did make "a few modifications"), thrifting (a blogpost for the future), and playing with the cat in the bathtub (no water but she loves sitting in the cool tub and batting at me as I run my fingers along the shower curtain).

What are you doing that's fun this summer?
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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Now see ... I didn't know you were dry there -- I thought the humidity was high in FL ... hmmmmmm... I loveeeeeee your flowers and loving the color of your shawl!!!