Sunday, August 7, 2011

Quilting on a wing and a prayer

I have been sewing fast and furiously on my summer-inspired quilt; the quilt is a log cabin style sewn directly onto a light batting and will have a piece of fabric added as backing and then the corners tied. I have used only fabrics that I had in my stash (which is shrinking rapidly since I have not purchased any fabric in over a year) and with batting scraps (this will be the last project that I can do without buying more batting). I chose to use a mix of cottons in blues, blacks, tans, creams, greens, yellows, and whites to create the look of summer - blue skies with white clouds, the beach, ocean and river, the sun, the grass and flowers. It has a soft, cool look to it, and I know that it will look even better once I paint my bedroom walls a light blue this coming fall. BUT I have a dilemma..............I have finished 18 blocks and have 7 left to piece -
these are strips already cut for future blocks
and this little shoebox contains the remaining scraps to be used - SO the question is - will I have enough fabric to finish???????

I will let you know later this week!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I bet you can do it!! You can do anything... you are so amazingly talented!! Love the quilt so far! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

McMGrad89 said...

Good luck. You are resourceful. I am sure it will be a success.

Oh and congrats on going a year without adding to your stash!

Marit said...

It looks fabulous Chris! I will keep my fingers crossed that you have enough materials to finish it the way you have in mind!

Cory said...

Hi! Just found your blog last week and have read it all the way back to it's start. I read many blogs but none inspire me so much as yours. Most blogs are continuous postings about purchasing of latest toys, etc. I am a crafter, not an artist, and I couldn't afford all those gadgets even if I wanted to. Your resourcefulness and ability to make beautiful art working with what you have is so refreshing and uplifting. Thank you for sharing your raw talent in today's commericalism of crafting/art.