Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Right now.................

I am loving seeing all of these baby tomatoes on our plants
I am loving a freshly ironed pile of cotton and linen vintage handkerchiefs
I am knitting like a fiend on my African vest
I am finishing up a couple of layouts
I am looking at a little painting of an iris that I did this morning in my open studio
I am pretty irritated by the increase in the cost of my health insurance - up 15% as was our homeowners' insurance (and next year it looks like we may get a 30% increase as the FL legislature is voting to allow insurance companies some pretty big increases)
I am wondering how children in Florida are going to get decent educations when the legislature has voted to decrease school spending to the level of 1976 (not percentagewise, to the actual dollar number spent then)
I am also wondering why other state governments are listening to our ex-governor who is going around promoting testing as the best way to judge school effectiveness - especially since our children as the guinea pigs for his experiment are proving that it doesn't work - they can answer the test questions but they can't think or reason
I am feeling very upset about the future in store for our children and our children's children
I am focusing on the little things that bring joy to my life - eating beans and rice by candlelight is very romantic!

Come back tomorrow for a new layout - my take on the Prima April Build a page

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Your tomatoes are looking good! I totally agree with you on what the government is doing... you all ready know my thoughts on health care cost :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(