Friday, March 18, 2011

A little madness in the spring is good for the king (and the queen too)!

Right now..........
I am painting flowers
I am enjoying our fabulous weather

I am relishing the soft pastels of spring (really on a color kick - my library got exploring colour by Julia Caprara through interlibrary loan for me - it was recommended on Julie Balzer's blog and is a fantastic book about - what else - exploring color! Filled with exercises on thinking about and experimenting with color - it is really a book about using color in embroidery but the concepts are perfect for painting or any other art - I am working on - no, I am playing with a personal color collection and am getting some great ideas for using color in my art)

I am drinking a cup of tea

I am listening to Immortal memory by Lisa Gerrard
 I am loving this little thrifted vase (I love to get these little things out from my linen closet - it's the best of both new (like shopping) and old (like cherished friends)
 I am loving all my new Jenni Bowlin toys (and the old ones too)
I am playing with my spool collection - putting on display some of the most spring-like colors

So, there you have it!

Yesterday I was pretty down - the whole Japanese disaster is beyond my comprehension and I feel such sorrow for their plight. Plus on a personal level, the bills are coming in for my little surgeries, and our home insurance bill came - up 15% - just killer for the budget!

BUT you just have to laugh in a black humor way when the Federal Reserve tells us that we have no inflation - I loved the story in the NY Times about the NY Fed chief talking to a crowd in Queens who were complaining about inflation in food and energy. He told them that we don't have inflation - after all, the new Ipad2 is the same price as the original Ipad - so the commenter said "Let them eat Ipads!!!!!!" and someone else said, "Well, you know, Queens is a tough audience!"  My DH and I were cracking up at lunch today, he made a joke about eating a "big mac" but I said if you got indigestion from eating your Mac, would that be a "mac attack"?  and of course it degenerated from there.......I am wondering though about how to season my old laptop - definitely some garlic and possibly some rosemary (for memory/remembrance, you know!!!)

Anyway, today I am enjoying the abundance of my life. I am truly thankful for my family, my home, my health, my cat, and my friends - and that includes you - thanks so much for reading!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeeeee the painting and all the JB goodies you have there... and you know my thoughts on the health insurance.. ugh... its the main reason we are moving :( ... on the day of my surgery, I had to cough up $1900.00 before they let me in the OR... *sigh*... such is life!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

missusem said...

lovely painting Christina! You're truly talented...

kim c said...

i've been feeling like an ostrich hiding my head when it comes to economics and news. its great that we can escape at our work tables, isn't it. beautiful flowers, Chris.

Sandy Ang said...

Your spring painting is so delicate and lovely. Congrats on the publication in Somerset Mag !