Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sneak peek

This is a sneak peek of the project I will be showing on the Year of Color blog in August for multi-color. It's a super easy quilted wallhanging and I will be doing a little tutorial for it.
This is the painting I did in my watercolor class for still life. It doesn't have much "life" especially in the silver pitcher but it is my very first attempt at doing silver so I can't really expect it to be great. The lace tablecloth was very tedious.
I have been scrapping layouts but can't show them yet - very soon! We leave on vacation soon and although I will have my laptop, I'm not sure about how much blog posting I might do. This is a golf vacation planned and totally booked by my DH and guess what, I don't golf so I am taking my camera, paints, journal, a small quilt to be quilted, and lots of books. I hope to be able to get some great shots and watercolors of the mountains once we get to northern Alabama and Tennessee. I always love Asheville, NC so that will be a treat - fabulous restaurants and one of the best fabric stores I have even seen. On the way home we will stop at a big art supply store in Charlotte (just for me) and also spend a night in Savannah where I hope to get some pix and do some sketching.
Now I have to finish my laundry and do some packing - but also finish a layout for the Lift Up challenge today on SIS. I just couldn't resist! LOL!
Have a great weekend!


McMGrad89 said...

Hey, my brother (A to Z Photo) is in Asheville. Hope you enjoy your trip.

I don't know how you did that lace. I think I would have to have taken a pass on that one.

Jeanet said...

Have a wonderful trip Chris!!
Love what you made!!!

McMGrad89 said...

I know you are away and will not be connecting often, but when you do come on over to my blog. I have an award for you for having such a beautiful blog.