Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ATCs and other stuff

I finished my ATCs for the year of color ATC swap - May - green. I scanned a green art journal painting and then printed it 9 up. I added ribbon flowers made from some old Lil Davis ribbon that I purchased at Big Lots about 2 years ago.
These are for June - yellow. Again I scanned a layout but this time created flowers as accents.
A quickie watercolor painting on Yupo paper. It is a synthetic paper that has a shiny finish. You can actually wash the entire watercolor painting off of it and repaint. Once you have completed the painting, you need to spray it with fixative. My instructor had bought some samples of various paper for us to try. I doubt if I buy any of this type of paper as I did not enjoy painting on it.

Here's my easel with my best critic napping just beside.

And here she is - Hana, my favorite classic cinnamon tabby.
I also finished a layout for the Creative Type challenge but I will post it tomorrow.
More rain this afternoon - we actually had 2 1/2 inches yesterday.

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deana said...

Your ATC's are just TOO CUTE!!! :-)