Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My word for 2009

I think Ali Edwards's one little word idea is great as an inspiration for a year but have never picked one before. This year I decided to select a word and have spent quite a bit of time and brain energy researching and mulling about the word to use. I have always remembered the quote from (I think) Zora Neale Hurston that some years are beginning years and some years are ending years, and since I want this year to be a year of completions and accomplishments, I toyed with the ideas of completion and fulfill but then today I "realized" that my word should be REALIZE, which means "to give concrete or objective existence to that which has existed either as an abstraction, a conception, or as a possibility...(it)...implies emergence into the sphere of actual things that which has been a dream, an ideal, a hope, or a plan".
I have several quilts pieced but not quilted, a sweater with yarn purchased but not knitted, a beaded ginko necklace with one and a half ginkos finished, fabric for 2 pairs of pants and several tops neither cut nor sewn, sketches of layouts and papers and embellishments to do them with so I will work to bring these projects to realization but also continue to realize projects that are currently in my brain or art journal.
On another front, I had an awesome "75 % off clearance"shopping day yesterday - 2 tops and some teas at TJ Maxx; a yoga mat, Christmas ornaments (my theme will be red and metallic next year), teapot and Tazo tea (with a coupon for a free Starbucks inside), Starbucks big reindeer and Christmas CD at Target; and a Making Memories 3 hole binder and some Foofala seals at Big Lots.
Happy New Year - I'll be tidying my studio this afternoon and finishing - REALIZING - some layouts.

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