Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas eve (the longest day)

When I was a little girl, the day before Christmas seemed endless. It was usually cold and gray so we played inside but there was so much anticipation it was hard to concentrate on anything. We usually had a nice meal that night and then watched holiday specials on television. Our house was fully decorated and the amount of cookies and candies was obscene, but the memories are magical. Even now I love the holiday season and always get a little down afterwards - so usually, being the listmaker that I am, I start making lists of things to do in the new year: things to learn, books to read, projects to make, places to go (actually I have already started lists for next year - got any ideas?)

The layout is one I did of a vintage photo of my dh, his twin, his older brother, and their cousin. I showed it to Dan and he has no idea of when or where.

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kinzielynmadsen said...

.. i like this page.. alot! reallyreally cute!! :D