Friday, January 10, 2014

this moment - this week - inspirations

this past week I have been so inspired by jude hill's blog - she was talking about colors and how they lean into each other - her musings lean into my current knitting project - another Margaret Dashwood shawl from the Summer 2012 issue of Jane Austen Knits. For this current one, I am knitting with Aslantrends Santa Fe yarn in a color named Grape Jam but honestly it is so much more - the colors are grape, olive, navy, tan, and mixes of these and more as the colors merge and divide and as jude writes, "lean" into each other. I have tried to show how incredible this looks in the photos but to see them in the natural sunlight through the window, they just take your breath away.  Here's a link to my first Margaret Dashwood shawl on Ravelry - I just love how you can tie this shawl around your shoulders and chest, and then do things without having to worry about the shawl coming loose.  It's a fabulous pattern with easy lace.
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Lyssa said...

Hopping over from Soule Mama's blog! Absolutely love your current project. This would be a perfect gift to knit! I just went over to Ravelry to look it up. Have a happy weekend!

Karen said...

Very cool! And inspiring.

Here is our moment:

Have a good weekend!

Sofia's Ideas said...

Such talent! Me? I'm pretty good with a glue stick. *wink*

This moment was fun for them, and full of gratitude for me...