Sunday, May 1, 2011

More sketchbook pages

One fish, two fish
Yellow fish, blue fish
or something like that!
Just playing around

Knitting like a fiend this weekend
and also reading some fun old books that I picked up at the library
I always love to read Georgette Heyer books when I am feeling a bit harrassed or down
They always distract me and get me through
I was complaining earlier this week about the increases in our homeowner's insurance and my health insurance
and then on Thursday we received the bill for our car insurance - it also increased by 15% so I called the company and was told that all car insurance in Florida increased 15%
I then got a couple of quotes from other companies and sure enough, that's right
I guess you thought I was kidding about the beans and rice by candlelight! LOL!
life is good
and I know that I am truly blessed to have such  a wonderful DH and son, a funny and loveable cat, a paid for roof over my head, tomatoes on the plants, paints in my palette, some bins of fabric and yarn, and lots of books
I watched part of the Royal Wedding on Friday before I went to work - was that not something?! 
What a fantasy! LOL!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend


Marit said...

I sure know how it feels to be tight on money and bills keep coming in... or increases... you have every right to complain now and then on your blog Chris!!!! I have some 'comfort books' too, which I re-read when I'm feeling down. In fact, I just bought two (secondhand) books of that writer (also fun to read in happier times btw.) You maybe know her? Meave Binchy (Irish writer) Her books make me happy!!! (I bought two books for only 1 euro, that's maybe 1.5 dollar... Yeeehaaaa!)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

That is horrible about the raise in your car insurance! :( I loveeeeeeeeeee your sketches!! Those COLORS are AMAZING! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)