Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy new year to everyone!
I am excited to start the new year and ready to take on new challenges.
Above is a vision board that I made to help keep me focused on the things I want to accomplish and do in the coming year (I got this idea from Julie Balzer's blog; she is doing an art journal page a day - I won't be doing that but I will do them occasionally) I want to paint a lot more, have paintings in exhibitions and sell some, improve my drawing skills, do a Botanical Illustration course (in book form), take at least one watercolor workshop from a national teacher,sew some clothes and some pillows for my couch(which is somewhat similar in style to the one in the above photo, create some cool projects and layouts, knit, finish a couple of wall quilts, cook, bake (perfect my French bread), exercise, and read.
My word for 2011 is ABUNDANCE 
appreciating what I have, feeling grateful for my blessings, and
making do or doing without (money will be even tighter this year with no increase in income plus increases in the cost of my health insurance, food, and gas)
I have lots of paper, paints, pencils, fabric, yarn, and other items - 
and I will use up what I have before making any purchases.
I hope to take a vacation this summer to Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver so I am really
focused on saving every extra penny for that.
I worked this afternoon on sketching - beginning the first lesson in the botanical illustration course so that's a good start. I also finished a new painting this past week that I will have in an exhibit at the Vero Beach Art Museum the middle of January. (I will post it closer to exhibition time)
Then I played with my paints and came up with this - I have been looking at some old photos and magazines from when we were in the Bahamas, and I was reminded of the beautiful turtles there.
Just a fun little painting.
Thanks for reading and hope you have a great day, and a great new year!!!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee your OLW for 2011 ... and that PAINTING!! WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!! That painting is AMAZING!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it!!!! Did you see Gina' tip on her blog today about acrylics??? Thought of you when I saw it! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

judean said...

awww, I just love sea turtles--your painting is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Chris!!! I hope that goals will be achieved and dreams will come true!!!! I love your sweet little painting, it's fabulous!!!

deana said...

Love your vision board, Chris! What a great way to stay inspired!

Happy 2011! I hope it's a wonderful year for you!


Hanneke said...

I love your painting, your vision board and your word! I hope 2011 will be good year for you!!!

Jeanet said...

I love your vision board Chris! You are so energetic...I could really use some ;) I love your word for 2011 and I love your outsight on life!
Happy, healthy and creative 2011!!

EverydayMe said...

thank you for reminding me... I need to finish my vision board... and yours is wonderful... love the painting... it's lovely! {{hugs}} Michelle