Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall in love - Prima build a page sketch

I created this layout using the October Prima build a page sketch - all products are Prima. I used the photo as an inspiration to paint the pumpkins and squashes (shown a while back) but decided to cut up the painting and use portions as elements in the layout. I really love the colors of this photograph - I found it in my "painting inspiration box" and would love to thank whoever took it - I searched through my links and stuff but am not totally sure where I got it - so thanks to whoever!
My autumn wrap continues to grow. If you knit, I assume you know about the Ravelry site - I so love it - being able to share and talk with other knitters and crocheters. So much inspiration!

Right now I would like to spend a minute or two talking about Scrapgal and whatever is or is not happening there. I am not privy to any of the stuff going on between the owner and some other members (ex-members) of the DT, and I do not want to get involved or take sides. I love everyone's creations and have really enjoyed working with all of them and hope to keep in contact through blogs, email, and facebook.  Kelly and Cassie did fantastic jobs and I truly appreciate all of their hard work.  I will stay till December (end of my term), finish the October contest that I have been running (although it is pretty sad - so far there have been no actual participants), post the layouts that I have already completed for November, and create my two projects for December. I have received quite a bit of new product so I feel that I should complete my end of the deal. 
BUT, having said that, I am looking for a new place to start posting my layouts and projects so I am open for suggestions????????? I have user names at 2peas and Scrapbook.com (is that right - although I have forgotten that user name). Anyway who is posting where, and do you like it - and what are your user names so I can link up? I guess I will also begin to do some of the challenge blogs again - what are your favs?
THANKS so much for reading and thanks also for any info on sites and blogs.
Have a super week!


Jamie Dougherty (jaylynn) said...

Love your take on the Prima BAP. Gorgeous LO :) Miss you :) I'm over at scrapbook.com under jaylynnscraps. :) Hugs you wonderful woman you. <3

Passing Fancies said...

Gorgeous layout (as always) and your wrap is stunning. I can't knit but I crochet and just love what you do with yarn.
It's so sad Chris. I am missing my friends. I post at scrapbook.com under eclectic, under eclectic_stuff at 2peas and a few other random places.
I also feel really bad about the October contest. I have actually been participating but am having difficulty uploading images at the moment. (see my blog) New computer is on order and should arrive soon.

Anonymous said...

I love your painting and I'm all into orange...! Wowzah girl!!! I'm at 2peas under "Marit Paper World" but I don't do much there... I'm at Studio Galico (although I don't subscribe to their kits - can't afford that) under "Marit" and I'm at "Scrapbooking from the inside out" (under "Marit" too - I don't have a subscription there either though, but I love the spirit on that forum)
To be honest, I am not much on forums anymore - I sure mis SIS!

As of challenge blogs - I wish I had more time! I play at "A Year in the Life of an Art Journal" and I love "Scrapping the Music and "My fave things" (but you know those!)

I hope you find a place you like but you know, Chris... it doesn't matter much where you go, I keep on visiting your blog and seeing you here!

Cassie said...

I am also at scrapbook.com for now. I need a little break. I want to have my blog and be happy with that. There is no drama in Cassieland!!

McMGrad89 said...

I don't do anything much anymore, so need for a place to post it. I am surely enjoying this pumpkin page. I always knew you were talented, but I (for sec) thought that this was a pre-made background paper. VERY pretty!

I peek in at every post you do, but am so busy, don't have much time to comment much.

Rbarakat said...

I love your work Chris. I have been at Scrapbook.com for years but hardly ever do the mb there. My name over there is rbmusic I think...lol!

judean said...

Let me know where you end up...it sure will stink being homeless!

ashjoy said...

I'm a mb junkie and honestly the ones I am listing here seem to be drama free you can check them out for your self. I'm Ashjoy or Joyce on them.

For the Love Of Art, is a newer site very small group. Lots of talent, kit
club you can buy monthly. She makes designes her own stamps and now paper
each month. http://fortheluvofart.forumg.biz/forum.htm

http://www.treasuredscrapbooking.com/forum/ Treasured Scrapbooking

Scrapadilly http://www.scrapadilly.com/forum/search.php?searchid=180769 The
owner here is very sweet. Smaller group. Very welcoming.

The Nook, http://www.myscrapbooknook.org/forum/index.php great contests and
inspiration. I never win, but they are fun. And a well published group if
that matters to you.

Let's capture our memoris, joined to support a friend on the dt, but I
found I love the book club.
http://www.letscaptureourmemories.com/forum/index.php Crops, all the norm.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

First..I loveeeeeeeeeeee that page...the painted pumpkins are AMAZING and I love love love love love love the prima touches!! And I am BEYOND sad that you are having to go thru drama...I love you too much to see you in that :( Like Marit, you know I miss the family feel from SIS.. seriously miss it.. I met you and soooooooooooo many other AMAZING people on that site...and for that I will be forever grateful!!! I post on Scrapbook.com (not very often sadly)...and to be honest... I am happy in blog land.. I don't just get to see the creations people make...I get to learn about their lives and share in their ups and downs....so that is where I am happy now :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

deana said...

That's a gorgeous page, Chris! Love all the orange & the great design!

I post everything I create on my blog. Some of what I make I put on 2peas & on scrapbook.com, but I pick & choose what I put on those sites. I'm not active on either MB. Both places I am DeanaB. Sorry to hear you're having issues... :-(

Hanneke said...

Love that page, it's just perfect!!
I am not posting in a gallery, I only post on my blog!!! So I can't give you any advice!!!

Lana Bisson said...

LOVE this page..so pretty. and with all the prima.. I have to check out the build a sketch. Im still trying to finish the brown color sketch on sept for prima..