Monday, August 10, 2009

Some new layouts

Wendi on SIS started a Free Shopping challenge weekend on Thursday so I scrapped like a madwoman Thurs night, Fri night, and Sat. I love the challenge of getting the items into the layout and it really sparks my creativity. Needless to say, my studio ended up being a mess!!!! Then I read an email from Julie (bmwgirl1 on SIS) about how she keeps all of her scrapping stuff in a roll-around tote and I was chagrined to think that my stuff is a mess - even though I really do try to keep it organized. At one point last year I had the small stuff organized by color and that worked pretty well but then I decided to keep my watercolor stuff out all the time so I would paint more and the little sets of drawers got moved into my closet to hold lingerie. I really tidied up the studio yesterday and have been weeding out old 3/4 used up stuff unless I still absolutely adore it. If I can't spell a word in 5 minutes from the old used alphas, they are going. I put most of the stuff into a bag for St Vincent de Paul - they have a big craft area where they sell mixed bags of stuff for like 50 cents. I am also working up a RAK of really good stuff that isn't what I use now so stay tuned.

Update on my watercolor paintings - my instructor told me both the pineapple and the orchid paintings should be entered in shows coming up so I will be getting them framed and sending in my applications. Thanks for all of your lovely comments about my work, scrapping, quilting and painting. They mean so much to me!!!!!
Have a great week - I will probably update in a couple of days with the RAK.


BlessedinTexas said...

Chris, love your work and congrats on the RAK at FREE shopping. Have a wonderful week my friend.


Jeanet said...

Hi Chris,
I wanna tell you how I love these layouts you made...told you on Sis all ready,but I love the way U used paint on gorgeous!
And congrats on your paintings to be up in a show...they are awesome..

Lisa T. Howard said...

Congratulations on the upcoming art show! You know I think your work is amazing! But I have to say, I could never in a million years get all my supplies in a roll-around tote...of ANY size! LOL! And I have ALREADY purged and purged! LOL! Love you latest creations! xoxo L

deana said...

What a great compliment that your instructor wants you to enter your paintings in a show! They are certainly worthy of the attention!

Beautiful LO's... as always! :-)

Have a great week! :-)

mandysea said...

WOW!! This is my first time to your blog...And wow Chris!! I love your work!!
Love the paint and the arrangements!! Goregeous!

sarah said...

i know what it is about your layouts that i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE! i LOVE that there is so much color in your layouts!! you always use amazing color schemes!!


Maggi said...

Those layouts are fabulous and that first one is really stunning!

Lynn Richards said...

Hi! Found your blog through a year of color-it is so pretty! I am curious if you know what the round pieces of material are called-the ones where you cut a circle out of fabric and somehow stitch them in the middle and pull the thread...Do you know what I mean?? Thanks so much!!

Edi Art said...

Seu blog é lindo e trabalhos
bastante criativos!!!!!